In The Light of Led Zeppelin returns to the Daytona Beach Bandshell

In The Light of Led Zeppelin

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville

Live Review: In the Light of Led Zeppelin – Daytona Beach Bandshell-September 18, 2021

In The Light of Led Zeppelin

The crowd at the Daytona Beach Bandshell was blown away last night in a highly anticipated show that had been rained out by monsoon-like weather last year. In the Light of Led Zeppelin showed up in full force, boasting a new line up, additional musicians and fresh arrangements of “Kashmir” , “Over the Hills and Far Away” as well as featuring deep cut favorites “Achilles Last Stand” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You”.

In the Light is always unpredictable and never disappoints. With each show featuring a different set list from the previous one, fans have been known to follow them from town to town, as well as crossing state lines for a chance to experience this amazing and ever evolving symphonic production. These classically trained musicians approach the music of Led Zeppelin from a completely different perspective, so don’t expect to hear each song note for note the way it was originally recorded. It will never happen. Ever. And that’s what is so fantastic about In the Light of Led Zeppelin.

In The Light of Led Zeppelin

The show opened with the first movement from Stravinsky’s Scheherazad, Op. 35 and effortlessly transitioned into “Good Times, Bad Times”. I mean… Who does that, right? In The Light of Led Zeppelin does, that’s who! Watching the crowd react to this blend of classical music and classic Led Zeppelin was almost as fun as watching Siobhàon Cronin shred the violin.

We caught up with music director, lead guitarist Antonio Bolet on how he chose to combine “Good Times “with Scheherazad. Totally prepared for Bolet to school me on the technical similarities between composers and whatnot, he completely caught me of guard with his playful response, remarking that he paired the two “because I could”. After we both shared a good laugh about that, his tone subdued a bit and said he chose that particular movement because “Mom was in the audience and Dad would’ve loved it”.

The dynamic juxtaposition of strings and rock-n-roll picked up again with “Kashmir”. Undeniably, one of Led Zeppelin’s most iconic songs, In the Light launches this epic piece into the stratosphere making even better than anything Page and Plant delivered on stage or in the recording studio. This a very bold statement. Listen to them and you’ll see what I mean. It’s an experience.

In The Light of Led Zeppelin

This band is LOUD and their musicianship and talent was showcased with every song they played. After rambling our heads with “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Dazed & Confused”, they took us on a magical ride through In the Light. Pairing eerie and perfectly harmonizing vocals to Linda Kiely’s keyboard, the song opens like a Pagan invocation and takes you through a very powerful and beautiful journey. As a kid, I never really paid attention to the lyrics but now I can appreciate the empowering message this song has given us throughout generations.

“Light, Light, Light… Everybody needs the Light”.

Led Zeppelin is probably the most influential band in modern music and this band doesn’t just pay tribute to them, they pay homage to them.

In the Light of Led Zeppelin are:

Antonio Bolet – Lead Guitarist, Mandolin & Vocals

Tony Tyler – Lead Vocals & Percussion

Autumn Martini – Bass & Acoustic Guitar

Linda Ann Kiley – Keyboards, Mandolin & Vocals

Siobhàon Cronin – Electric Violin

Paige (Rage Paige) Cantril – Drums & Percussion

Paddy King – Electric Cello, Violin & Banjo


Video of the Band Performing “Kashmir” at SeaWorld


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