Review: CARSEX’s single ‘Crooked Canvas’

Single/Video Review

Photo by Chris Michael.
By Michael Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England
Review: CARSEX’ video “Crooked Canvas” – June 27, 2024

As I listened for the first time to ‘Crooked Canvas’ by the band CARSEX, I was immediately struck by its unique high energy. It was reminiscent of The Vines’ hit ‘Get Free,’ a song with a similar raw intensity sound. Having worked with The Vines some twenty-odd years ago, I see a similar potential in CARSEX. If you’re drawn to nonstop, high-energy, and, in their own words, reckless and electric music, this band is a must-listen.

Lead singer Nigel Burk passionately voices his dissatisfaction with the misinformation and selling tactics that saturate our society in ‘Crooked Canvas ‘. Bassist Jeremy Schott adds, ‘The theme of the song is about the public being told how to think and what to consume—and blindly doing so.’ Guitarists Shane Lausch and Justin Jolley’s solid performance is complemented by the cohesive teamwork of Schott and drummer Max Gomez, who hold everything together and drive this song to a climax.

Steve Evetts (known for his work with Sepultura, Alesana, Poison the Well, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Butcher Babies) delivers an admirable performance, showcasing his expertise. Brad Walther and Jason Lazo have produced some exciting video work featuring intense close-ups of the band and a captivating opening sequence of an old-school television displaying the opening guitar chords. This video effectively captures the band’s electrifying live energy, giving potential fans a taste of the excitement they can expect from their performances.




ABOUT CARSEXForged by the survivors of Long Beach music scene bands Damned Age, Black Velvet Brigade, and Red River Massacre, the five music veterans in CARSEX have slugged it out in the clubs of Orange County, California for more than 10 years.  While performing shows in these various groups on the circuit they became friends over time.  As the bands they were in either dissolved or changed direction – they decided to form under a new banner with shared musical tastes & goals, and CARSEX formed in 2018. Their sound is a mix of Circle Jerks/Black Flag/The Germs, with Danzig, Fu Manchu & a bit Queens of the Stone Age blended into a potent combination. They play hard and loud with no hint of an apology.

CARSEX has previously released 2 EPs: 2019’s CarSex and 2020’s 2020 EP, which featured the singles “Your Generation” and “Lovesick”.   A new EP is being finalized and will be released later this summer.



Nigel Burk – Vocals

Shane Lausch – Lead Guitar

Justin Jolley – Rhythm Guitar

Jeremy Schott – Bass

Max Gomez – Drums

Michael Alahverdian

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