Review: Berlin band K4ALT’s single ‘This Room (Reprise)’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: K4ALT – This Room (Reprise)  – Release date: February 4, 2024 

Over in Berlin, Germany they love their electronic music in all shapes and forms, whether it is techno, ambient or in any combination with another musical form, particularly those connected to rock. Yet all those had the a specific musical stamp that fall under a general cover of ‘Berlin School.’ 

K4ALT, a variation of German word ‘calt’ or cold in English, is a moniker of an artist who is strongly influenced by the likes of  German legends like Kraftwerk, or more recently Notwist, but also indie stalwarts like Low and Nada Surf, and modern prog purveyors like Radiohead. 

You can actually hear it all in K4ALT’s new single ‘This Room (Reprise)’ a reference to a Notwist song of the same name (without the reprise tag), that is brimming with sounds of vintage synths but with a driving beat-laden melody that simply sticks in your head. 

A very intriguing single, that pushes you to search for more of K4ALT’s work. 





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