Review: UK punk band Colossus’ EP ‘The Gods Hate Colossus’

EP Review

John Clay of Colossus. Photo by Andras Paul.
By Mike Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England
Review: Colossus’ EP The Gods Hate Colossus – Release date September 28, 2023

Rob Homewood of Colossus. Photo by Andras Paul.

When there is a conversation regarding high-energy punk bands, the UK band COLOSSUS should and must be included. With the rapid-fire guitar chords and manic vocals of John Clay, along with the solid foundation of bassist/vocalist Rob Homewood and drummer Andy Sturges, Colossus has released their new EP, The Gods Hate Colossus.

This seven-song EP gives you everything you would expect from a punk band.  Prepare for a fast tempo, distorted riffs, and shouted lyrics. The quick, loose, and manic music creates an authentic outlet that beautifully encapsulates its listeners’ raw emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.

“Smoke and Mirrors” is a well-written song with great vocals and distorted bass lines. “Johnny Mischief” rocks it out, punk style, but with an almost very early Who sound, particularly in their rock operas. I can imagine Roger Daltrey singing this song while Pete Townshend performs his signature windmill playing. “Strike Up The Band” will have your body moving and sweating with its up-tempo beat as he sings, “I can never get enough of your ecstasy.”

“Playing It Safe”. “These Days,” “Sharp As A Knife,” and “Make Her Moan” are all songs that each music listener will decipher in their own unique way.

This EP has an outstanding collection of songs that punk music lovers should enjoy. As a well-known musician once told me, it’s all about attitude!








Michael Alahverdian

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