Babymetal in Orlando: Sailor Moon meets nu metal with a touch of dance

Live Review

Babymetal. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Babymetal. Photo by David Lucas.

Babymetal and Dethklok teamed up to co-headline the Babyklok tour 2023 across North America making a stop in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Amphitheatre. Saturday September 2nd, 2023 was the perfect evening for an outdoor show with temperatures around 84 degrees Fahrenheit with a cool breeze coming off of Lawne Lake. Days and weeks prior in the high 90s with real feel temperatures around 107 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dethklok. Photo by David Lucas.

With a background of Deathcore, metalcore, and progressive metal, guitarist Jason Richardson is the perfect fit to be warming up the stage. Performing the titles “Tendinitis,” “Ishimura,” “Sparrow,” and “Upside Down” from his 2022 album II. As well as “Titan,” “Retrograde,” and “Hos Down” from his 2016 album I.

Jason Richardson. Photo by David Lucas.

Next up, from Tokyo, Japan,  Babymetal. As the Kami Band walks to the stage and sits behind the drums and picks up their guitars and bass, The roar from the 10,000 fans attending filled the air. The stage lights turn down and the screen covering the back of the amphitheater turns on and displays the words “BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2023” followed by commentary and the words “A long time ago in a heavy metal galaxy far, far away”. The Kami Band begins playing “BABYMETAL DEATH” and moments later the roar turns into screams as Babymetal emerges from stage

left and walks to the center of the stage. As the music tempo picks up so does the movement of Babymetal. Halfway into the song they run and jump all over the stage and then right back to the center. The set was filled with an array of music from 2015 up to their latest 2023 single of METALI!! The performance was filled with flawless choreography, and perfect sound quality.




Gimme Chocolate!!




Mirror Mirror


METALI!! (preceded by KAMI Band solos)



Road of Resistance

Closing the night, Dethklok, a fictional melodic death metal band from the animated television series Metalocalypse. They performed the set with clips and scenes from the Metalocalypse series as the band played across the stage with very minimal lighting from the front of the stage.


David Lucas