Review: Sid Stratton’s album ‘Ashes to Diamonds’

Album Review

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Album Review: Sid Stratton’s Ashes to Diamonds – Release date November 11, 2023

Backstory: I started listening to Sid Stratton in 2018 when I saw him opening up for Doyle at the Haven Lounge (now Conduit) in Winter Park, Florida. His sound was something that I haven’t heard before and I knew right then that this is a band I would be listening to a lot more. Something about this raspy distorted bass sound had me hooked. Fast forward: Several new songs, new videos, more shows. In 2021 a new album, All My Deadly Sins, with new music and remasters of some previous music.

Sid Stratton. Photo by David Lucas.

May 2022, again at the Haven Lounge, Sid walks up to me and asks if I wanted to hear his new cover of an old song. No hesitation, Yes! We walk over to my car, and Sid gets his phone out and right away I knew the song. It’s “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring. He tells me about the video, a lyric video featuring the lovely Vanity Aloura. The song and video are a must hear and see.

Ryan McMillion. Photo by David Lucas.

September 22, 2023 I received a message from Sid. “New album, Ashes To Diamonds, is finished, Do you want to hear it?” Yes, I do! There are two video releases from the album, “Twilight Zone” and “Beyond The Pal”e and the audio release for “Children Of The Bad Revolution.” With these out, some people have already had a little taste of the new album.

The first track, just over a minute, “Deimos,” is an instrumental that would make for the perfect show intro. Next, “Ashes To Diamonds”, starts out with his signature bass sound for a couple seconds I mentioned earlier and BOOM, the drums kick in and we’re off. Having listened to the new album for almost a week now, there is no disappointment here. Each track has something different to offer. For example,  “Bloodgrind,” Ryan McMillion and the ending solo are on fire. “Twilight Zone” has to be the best cover of this 1982 hit. The song “Let Sleeping Corpses Jive” is going to be a fun one to see live. “Moxie,” The guitar intro, another hit.

Track List


Ashes To Diamonds


Twilight Zone

Let Sleeping Corpses Jive

Beyond The Pale


Children Of The Bad Revolution


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