Nothing More in Orlando: high energy and tons of crowd surfing

Live Review

Nothing More Concert in Orlando. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Live Review: Nothing More’s SPIRITS 2023 North American Tour II – House of Blues, Orlando – September 23 2023

On the second to last night of the SPIRITS 2023 North American Tour II, Nothing More gives it their all to the House of Blues Orlando.

Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More. Photo by David Lucas.

The lights go down and The Chordettes, “Mr. Sandman” begins as the intro and shortly starts the drag like an old record when you press your finger up against the turntable. Johnny, Mark, Daniel and Ben make their way across the stage. Johnny in only a pair of jeans, no shoes, With his chest and arms painted red and black. Purple and red backlighting come on as Jonny begins softly singing. Seconds later the stage lights turned up the sound hits, and it’s on, the screams from the audience can be heard loudly over the music coming from the stage.

The energy coming from the stage would have you believing that this is the opening of the tour and not almost the end. Song after song these guys are bringing the heat and not slowing down during any part of the hour and 20 minutes show. The evening was packed with excitement all over the room making it a challenge to keep up with everything that was going on. The screams coming at the start of every single song especially from two young ladies that were standing close to me. The crowd surfing was some of the most that I have seen in a long time, with two and three bodies coming across together. Not only was it the younger fans but also a few older gentlemen. There was even one girl in her FedEx work outfit. As the bodies made their way to the front of the house Jonny would reach down shake hands and high five some of them as he could.

Mark Vollelunga of Nothing More. Photo by David Lucas.

The evening keeps getting better. From inviting Matthew Jackson of Post Profit to the stage for a number. And for the last song of the night, “This Is the Time (Ballast).” The band’s crew brought out three ladders leaning them against the barricade, Jonny, Mark, and Daniel climbed up the ladders in front of the audience. At the center ladder, asking the audience for their participation in holding a pair of drums, Johnny began playing on them to finish out the show.


Mr. Sandman (intro)


Do You Really Want It?

Tired of Winning

Ships in the Night


If It Doesn’t Hurt

Don’t Stop


VALHALLA (Too Young to See)

Let ’em Burn

Go to War


I’ll Be OK


This Is the Time (Ballast)




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