Review: Night Hymns’ single ‘Blue Bottle’

Single Review

Night Hymns

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Night Hymns’ single  “Blue Bottle”-Release date: April 3, 2023

Some artists and their music sometimes seem to drop just out of nowhere. Sure, they have their musical cues and inspirations, but the quality they come up with simply beg further attention.

That is exactly the case with Vancouver rocker Wei, who works under the moniker Night Hymns. Wei is obviously a fan of the melodic side of rock, the one that draws its line from The Beatles and their big musical fans like Oasis, as his latest single ‘Blue Bottle’ is both full of catchy melody and guitar hooks that seem to be tailor made for the upcoming summer.

The thing is even more formidable if you have in mind that, s Wei himself explains, he is musically self-taught.

I picked up the guitar only to play rock and roll. If rock music never existed, I probably would not be making music right now. Call me the latter-day slacker rocker if you like, but the very idea of taking guitar lessons seems odd to me.”

Yet, Night Hymns music sounds well thought out, and above all, catchy and rockin’  – the way the original sixties artists thought it out.




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