Review: Downtown Mystic’s album ‘AmeriKarma’

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Robert Allen

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Downtown Mystic’s album AmeriKarma – Release date April 7, 2023

When you think of rock/pop musicians who, well, might not be considered rocking age, the first names that come to mind is biggies or well-known artists who have been around since the sixties or seventies, but are still around, some with some great, and others with not-so-great music. 

Yet, what about the artists, who are more or less of the same age as ‘the classics’ but have not started out creating their own music well into the nineties or the new century? Not many of those around, frankly, but some, like NYC’s Robert Allen, aka Downtown Mystic definitely deserve a listen, no matter the age of the listeners. 

Allen started out as a session musician, but only started as a solo artist back in 1996 and has had quite some success in the sync licensing industry with over 230 TV shows and film placements, and nine albums, one of them including two members of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. 

 That experience, and definite music quality is quite evident on his latest album, ‘AmeriKarma,’ where Allen makes an almost perfect balance between power pop and Americana, something that definitely shows his love of The Beatles and Sticky Fingers/Exile On Main Street era Rolling Stones. 

Sounds old? Definitely, not, as Allen gives his music that modern touch some somewhat younger colleagues can just dream of. 





Ljubinko Zivkovic

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