Review: Seth Adam’s single ‘Out of Touch’

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Seth Adam

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Seth Adam single “Out of Touch”

Seth Adam ‘Fits and Starts and Stops’

During the eighties there was a buzz among the rock musicians and fans about a new sub-genre that was given the name of – power ballad.

The term was used to describe rock songs by big name rockers like Journey and Meat Loaf who would come up with essentially a gentle song that was given a hefty guitar treatment. The songs did, and still do have a huge success record, turning power ballads into something of a listening favorite.

While the concept was first applied by out and out rockers, it seems that now out and out singer songwriters are using the power ballad concept to give their music a new touch.

New Haven singer songwriter Seth Adam, might just be one of those artists, applying a power ballad touch to ‘Out of Touch,’ his latest single.

Starting out the song with acoustic guitar and vocals, he slowly builds up the song with some nifty electric guitar and rhythm section work to give the song a wide music palette it deserves.

Adam was a fixture in several bands throughout his teens and 20’s before running with his given name and producing 3 acclaimed full-length albums, a live record and 3 EP’s. He hit his stride working with David Immerglück (guitarist from Counting Crows) who produced several of Adam’s tracks. He was subsequently Nominated for Male Performer of the Year (2016) and Songwriter of the Year (2017) at the New England Music Awards.

Talking about the song and Fits and Starts and Stops album from which the single is taken from, Adam says – “I most definitely had to stretch into uncharted songwriting territories.” Both the song and the album just might earn him a wider audience.







Ljubinko Zivkovic

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