Review: Maple Mars’ album ‘Someone’s Got to Listen’

Album Review

Maple Mars

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Album Review: Maple Mars – Someone’s Got to Listen-Release date July 22, 2022

Maple Mars

No wonder that Los Angeles is considered as one of the hotbeds of power pop, both ‘then,’ it its seventies heyday, and now, when quite a number of artists is keeping that flame that doesn’t seem to go away quite alive. And for a very good reason at that, because, who as a lover of good pop/rock will not go for a great, ever-expanding melody, vocals and guitars all over the place?

Maple Mars and Rick Hromadka, that band’s leader can certainly be named as one of the keepers of that flame. While Maple Mars, were on some decade-long recording hiatus, Hromadka came up with a classy solo record back in 2020 (“Better Days”), which was named Power Popaholic’s Album of the Year.

Well, Maple Mars themselves are back with Someone’s Got To Listen, another slab of some great melodies, vocals (courtesy of Hromadka), vocal harmonies and some meticulous, sophisticated power pop all over the ten tracks here.

As Hromadka points out, “the central theme would be self reflection and transition,” with the band also paying careful attention to what kind of lyrics they are coupling with their songs.

The final result turns out to be one of the best albums Maple Mars have come up in their 20 or so years together, coming up with a set of songs that not only work on the album itself but will probably be staples in the band’s live show, already renowned for its quality and excitement.




Ljubinko Zivkovic