Review: Bel-la’s single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’


By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Bel-la – Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back 

Sometimes, it is no wonder why certain rock genres get the names they do. Take dream pop, for example. Basically, either the music of a certain artist has that ethereal, dreamlike quality or it could be based on dreams. Well, it could be both, actually. 

Los Angeles artist Bel-la, it seems, works from both premises, it seems. Originally from New Zealand and the daughter of a mixed-race family (Swedish father and Indian/English mother), she’s been in a number of bands, with her songs playing on TV in the USA but until  ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ single, not available commercially. 

Here, Bel-la is firmly in the dream-inspired rock territory. It is a solid tempo rocker, with Bel-la’s vocals ranging anywhere between St. Vincent and Lana Del Ray, with her lyrics taking on the darker shades of rock. 

As she puts it, “The inspiration for this song was really the sentiment of loss in general, loved ones passing, relationships ending etc and how even though these things are no longer in a physical form they still exist so strongly all around us and in our memories, and the fabric of our vast lives.” 

Quite promising, for any rock genre viewpoint. 





Ljubinko Zivkovic

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