Review: UK blues artist Troy Redfern’s video ‘Come On’

Video/Single Review

Troy Redfern. Photo by Terry Marland.

Review: Troy Redfern’s video/single ‘Come On’-Release date June 22, 2022

Troy Redfern ‘ Come On’

UK blues artist Troy Redfern is releasing an new album The Wings of Salvation on September 23, 2022. He has been touring heavily in the past year and Rock At Night was thrilled to capture his show in Fall 2021 at The Chester Rooms when he supported California blues band Robert Jon and the Wreck.

Rock At Night says: With Redfern sliding his hand down the neck of a resonator guitar and a booming kick drum, the video/song kicks off on all four cylinders. His slightly raspy voice beckons “raw flesh and blood, roll…through my veins…like blood, you wash away my pain.”  With the swagger of Keith Richards, he leans toward the camera, rolling into a full-blown chorus “come on..come on”.

“Come On” has the making of a traditional blues song but with fiery slide guitar solos, a swampy feel, and aggressive hard rock energy. With the single being mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the balance of vocals and music are spot on, as to be expected. Redfern is proving to be a formidable blues rock artist…and may we emphasize the word “rock”.



Troy Redfern. Photo by Adam Kennedy.

The Wings of Salvation

Album Track Listing1. Gasoline (3:53)2. Sweet Carolina (3:54)3. Come On (3:50)4. Navajo (3:24)5. Mercy (4:06)6. Can’t Let Go (4:21)7. Dark Religion (3:20)8. Profane (3:00)9. Down (3:30)10. Heart & Soul (3:47)Production CreditsTroy Redfern: Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocalsDave Marks: Bass guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion, banjo, additional guitars, backing vocalsPaul Stewart: DrumsProduced by Dave Marks at Two Wolves StudiosEngineered by Dave Marks and Troy RedfernDrums recorded by Lee Russell at Dulcitone StudiosMixed by Jo Webb at XXX StudiosMastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios



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