Review: Brynilde’s album ‘The Sound of the Winter Sun’

Album Review


By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Brynilde – The Sound of the Winter Sun-Released March 23, 2022


When Maryland artist Brynilde decided to record her album ‘The Sound of the Winter Sun,’ she probably wasn’t aware that eighties artists like Kate Bush and Dead Can Dance, particularly the former, would have such a big resurrection these days. All with their dark, often mythical tales and tinges of everything from classical music, folk to ‘good old’ rock.

Or maybe Brynilde, who deals with some dark mystical, even magical and philosophical things here had a premonition that such music will have a fertile audience these days.

Yet, what is not usually the case with such artists, Brynilde actually has quite a hefty scientific background. While she did start out as a musician, she took a long scientific detour, acquiring a PhD in biochemistry, and becoming a cancer cell biologist, adding to that a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Only 15 years later did she get back to music, coming up with this album, an intriguing combination of mythical and scientific, with a voice and songwriting not too far removed from aforementioned, resurging Ms. Bush.

And similarly, to the more renowned artist, Brynilde musically doesn’t stand still here. From the subdued opening of ‘The Descent,’ to the classically-tinged ‘The Red Shoes’ to full-on prog rocker of ‘Ungracefully,’ Brynilde covers a wide musical ground as a vehicle for her mystically-colored storytelling.

Anybody enamored with Kate Bush or artists like Dead Can Dance or Cocteau Twins should certainly check Brynilde and ‘The Sound of The Winter Sun.’






Ljubinko Zivkovic