Kurt Deimer and Phil X in Orlando: hard rock music with a heartfelt message

Live Review

Kurt Deimer band. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Live Review: Kurt Deimer at Plaza Live, Orlando – June 3, 2022

Phil X and Kurt Deimer lovin’ them some Rock At Night! Photo by David Lucas.

The night has finally arrived. Kurt Deimer at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida. This is a show that I have been waiting for since I first found out who Kurt Deimer is. And not to mention, finding out that his lead guitarist is Phil X who also is Bon Jovi’s guitarist, I was even more excited. With only one more date on the tour, I had fingers crossed that the guys were not tired and counting the minutes to get on their way home. They were not. The show was one of the best that I have seen all year. Kurt has a voice that is deep and unique, but fits his style of music. I really could not picture or listen, if you will, to any other voice running through these songs.

Kurt Deimer band. Photo by David Lucas.

The lights go down and it’s showtime. The first band member that I saw walk out on stage was Dango. Holding up a drumstick and encouraging the audience on. The music starts, and it’s Phil X ripping on the guitar. Starting the show with everyone on their feet, it seemed as if the first song flew by and suddenly Phil X broke into a solo with cheers and screams jumping right into “Back of the School”. “Back of the School” is a song that Kurt wrote about bullies who hide behind the internet instead of doing their bullying face to face where they could face the consequences of being taken to the “Back of the School.” Pink Floyd fans would recognize the next song “Have a Cigar”. A cover that Phil X adds a little of is on twist and solo to. It’s a must listen if you have not already.

A break in between songs, Kurt introduces the band members. Kurt does this in a way to show his love for the people on the stage with him. He said “I am Kurt Deimer, We’re Kurt Deimer”. He included his band in his name.

Kurt Deimer: Vocals

Phil X: Lead guitar

Michale Vassos: Guitar

Cristian Sturba: Bass

Dango: Drums

Up next, “Whatcha Sayin” is a song that Kurt wrote in 2020 sitting on his back porch drinking a margarita while wondering what was going on in the world and how everyone could make a difference. Time to perform “Hero” Kurts latest single, which was released May 6, 2022 Kurt received a huge response from the crowd. This song is dedicated to the frontline workers, the first responders, our military, and our veterans.

Kurt’s music is from the heart and is full of meaning in every word. Even if you are not a rock ‘n’ roll fan or the style does not appeal to you, please listen to what this man has to say. If more people would, then the world could be a lot better place.

Look for Kurt Deimer’s new single “My Day” releasing Father’s Day 2022 and new EP August 2022.

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