Chatting with hard rocker Kurt Deimer


Kurt Deimer. Photo by Andy Woodall.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Rock At Night chatted with Kurt Deimer who released his EP Work Hard, Rock Hard with Grammy-award winning engineer Chris Lord-Alge in November 2021. He is currently on tour with Yngwie Malmsteen.

I understand you are supporting Yngwie Malmsteen on the Parabellum Tour. Have you met Yngwie before? How did getting on this bill come about?

I have never met Yngwie–and still have not , even though on tour with him.  However, his camp and tour manager are awesome and we are having a great tour. I can’t thank Yngwie enough for having us.  The tour came about when I was performing on ShipRocked. I received a Facebook message from Chuck Bernal, a booking agent who had known of me, and he asked if I would be interested in direct support for Yngwie.  I shared the request with my managers Andy Gould and Paul Gargano and when we got off the cruise, they got to work on the offer–and the rest his history. Here we are.

Tell us about your recent single “Hero” ?

I wrote “Hero” for the frontline workers, the first responders, our military, and our veterans. Without these folks (men and women) we could not live freely in the USA, be safe, and get things we need in good times and in bad. I also wrote it so people can know and believe they to can be everyday heroes just by helping someone cross the street, saving someone from a car crash, etc. We all have that potential.  We all need to come together and help each other as humanity and ‘Be Heroes’.


What are the chances of seeing a full album in the future?

Well, we just released our single “Hero” on May 6th and will will be releasing our next single “My Dad” on Father’s Day this year.  My Dad is my hero so it is very appropriate.  I lost him in April of 2016 and miss him deeply. This song will touch everyone in the world. We then plan to release our second EP with six songs in August. We also have a movie soundtrack coming out from my feature film franchise I star in called Hellbilly Hollow. So there will be lots of new music and touring the rest of the year!!!!! 

How does it feel being on stage with Phil X?

Phil X an Kurt Deimer. Photo by Andy Woodall.

Surreal.  It is unbelievable we found each other at this point in our lives and we can both be ourselves and rock the hell out on stage together. He is my favorite guitarist, a great person to write with, and a great friend. He is my brother and I love him very much.  We are on a mission together to spend the rest of our lives creating and performing our brand of rock and roll. 

Are there any cities not on the tour that you would like to see?

Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Nashville, Atlanta, Wichita, Jacksonville,  to name a few  

The latest EP has songs that sound like they speak the truth and from the heart. “Back of the School”, for example. Is it just great writing, personal experience, or both?

Both. People are mean out there and can really hurt people with the harsh tone on the internet. They can say whatever they want without saying it to your face. It’s easy to belittle people now and says very mean things with no ramifications. I want people to think about this problem because people commit suicide over this. People bully others freely while hiding behind their keyboard and computer, not like when I grew up (when you could take the bully to the back of the school and put them in their place).

You’ve been in a few movies. Are there any plans or new roles coming up?

I created the horror character Bull who will be introduced in my new feature film franchise Hellbilly Hollow. Then I am playing an empathetic father in a film called Relapse, which is shooting in July.  Then I am cast as The Grog in a horror movie being shot later in the year called Scared to Death“.  Next year we will be shooting Hellbilly Hollow 2.

Two-part question: What is your favorite movie role that you have played? What is your favorite movie overall?

Bull from Hellbilly Hollow which is coming out this Fall and my favorite movie ever is  The Devils Rejects by Rob Zombie



05.06.22 Norwalk, CT ​​Wall St Theater05.07.22 New York, NY​​Gramercy Theater05.11.22 Toledo, OH​​Stranahan Theater05.12.22 St. Charles, IL ​​Arcada Theater05.13.22 Hobart, IN​​​Hobart Art Theater05.14.22 Cleveland, OH​​The Odeon05.16.22 Denver, CO​​Oriental Theater 05.18.22 Reno, NV ​​​Virginia St Brewhouse05.19.22 Agoura Hills, CA​​Canyon Agoura05.20.22 Montclair, CA​​Canyone Montclair05.21.22 Fresno, CA​​Tower Theater05.22.22 Santa Clarita, CA​​Canyon Santa Clarita05.24.22 Tempe, AZ​​The Marquee05.25.22 Tucson, AZ​​Rialto Theater05.27.22 Dallas, TX​​​Granada Theater 05.29.22 St. Louis, MO​​Casa Loma Theater06.01.22 Birmingham, AL​​Iron City06.02.22 Miramar Beach, FL​Lucille’s Music Hall06.03.22 Orlando, FL​​Plaza Live 06.04.22 Ft. Lauderdale, FL​Parker Playhouse








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