Review: Belfast rockers Alpha Twin’s single ‘Gaze’

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Alpha Twin's single 'Gaze'

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night The Netherlands

Review: Alpha Twin’s single “Gaze”

Alpha Twin

Many bands that favor that hard and heavy alt rock sound exemplified by the big names like Rage Against The Machine and Queens of The Stone Age don’t reach the level of that sound for one of two key reasons.

They either don’t have the necessary chops, or don’t have enough emotion invested into such a sound. Very often, it is the lack of both of those.

Based on ‘Gaze,’ their latest single, Belfast, Northern Ireland trio Alpha Twin don’t have that problem. They have both the hard rock chops and invested emotion, as well as songwriting skill to bring all lovers of hard ‘n’ heavy exactly the sound they want to hear.

Add to that the fact that Alpha Twin don’t shy away to touch upon sensitive subjects in their lyrics and you have an explosive musical combination for your ears. Literally.

It is also good to note that Alpha Twin have already been making a name for themselves in the local Belfast music scene. In 2018 Alpha Twin created a platform for other local bands like themselves to showcase their talent. They created BelFest, an all-day music festival filled with local talent. The festival grew each year and has since been described as the best underground music festival in the country.

Hard rockers, enjoy!






Ljubinko Zivkovic

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