Review: The Parasocial’s single ‘Deadzone’

Single Review

Parasocials. Photo by Ilan Lampl

By Anselm Anderson, Rock At Night Lancashire, UK

Review: Parasocial’s single “Deadzone” – Tomer Krail Records-Release date February 25, 2022

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: New Wave four –piece The Parasocials return with their third single,”Deadzone” via Tomer Krail Records. The track was recorded by Ed West at IMCP Studios. 

The dark and broody track was inspired by the 1983 David Cronenberg film of the same name. The lead vocalist Tomer Krail’s deadpan drawl sings over apocalyptic guitar beats. The song depicts a world in which the inhabitants are looking for a way to escape. The band produce a catchy track with an infectious beat and guitar breaks that are ominous and unsettling. 

MEMBERS: Tomer Krail – Vocals, Guitar / George Calne Jones – Vocals, Guitar / Felix Slander – Vocals, Bass / Rob James – Drummer





Anselm Anderson