Single Review: Southern rock band Hippies and Cowboy’s debut track ’20 and Life’

Single Review

Hippies & Cowboys

By Anselm Anderson, Rock At Night Lancashire, UK

Single Review: Hippies & Cowboys’ single “20 and Life” – Release date-February 11, 2022

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Nashville’s Southern Rock Act Hippies and Cowboys release debut track “20 and Life”. This track hopes to be the first of many from their upcoming new EP. The band have travelled across the States, playing shows in Florida to Detroit. The band feature regularly at Broadway in Nashville, usually at Johnny Cash’s. Kid Rock and Tin Roof’s venues. The song “20 and Life” is a joyful country blues track that harkens back to the early days of Lynryd Skynryd  and Aerosmith. 

The deft tinkle of a piano intro segues into lead singer Aaron Sparling’s distinct gritty vocals. Sparling sounds like a man enjoying himself over energetic guitar riffs, big saxophones, and wailing harmonica. This song is a fun song that will certainty please ardent fans of good roots southern rock music. 




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Anselm Anderson