Single Review:Rakeem Miles (ft. Billy Martin, Good Charlotte, boyband, and Zaia) single ‘Heartbreakers’

Single Review

Rakeem Miles ' Heartbreakers''

By Sherry Thomas, Rock At Night Contributor – North Port, FL

Review: Rakeem Miles (ft. Billy Martin, Good Charlotte, boyband, and Zaia) single “Heartbreakers” – Release Date January 24, 2022

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Alternative Hip Hop creator Rakeem Miles has returned with “Heartbreakers”. Miles teamed up with some of music’s most influential rock and pop hitmakers to make another adventurous track. The collaboration also features the talents of Seye Adelekan (Gorillaz), Billy Martin (Good Charlotte), Outerskies, and Mike Larson (N*E*R*D). The end product is an interesting mixture by merging rap with pop punk.

“Heartbreakers’ is loaded with both revelation and playfulness. Miles dives into his hardships and reminds others to stay positive in the face of adversity, while fellow rising artists Zaia and boyband bring their alternative sound.

Rakeem Miles is ideal for those who enjoy Pharrell Williams, Lil Nas X, and Tyler, The Creator. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming LP set to release in 2022 because he is an innovator and an inspiration.



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Sherry Thomas