Review: Norwegian band TrollfesT’s video ‘Twenty Miles an Hour’

Trollfest-Photo by Terje Johnsen
By Sherry Thomas, Rock At Night – North Port, FL 

 Review:  TrollfesT’s single “Twenty Miles an Hour”  – Release Date February 16, 2022 

*And yes, using the large “T” at the end of their name is correct.

 TrollfesT have announced the upcoming release of their ninth full-length studio album, Flamingo Overlord, to be released via Napalm Records on May 27, 2022. In celebration of the announcement, they dropped an outrageous second single on February 16, 2022 called “Twenty Miles an Hour”. 

 The song is rowdy, mischievous, and fun and the video is an ideal companion. The upcoming album is sure to amuse and entertain metal fans. 

 The track (slowly) takes flight, perfectly illustrating their diverse, infectious grooves with a humorous mixed green-screen animated music video and proving they’re just along for the wild ride that is life (albeit at 20 mph). TrollfesT said, “Our second single…is a song about how a young Overlord first started out. Fetch your prescriptions and fasten your seat belts folks, this is going to be one hell of a ride.” I agree, but please stay in the right lane of traffic! 

TrollfestT’s album Flamingo Overlord is out May 27, 2022 via Napalm Records




Flamingo Overlord tracklisting:

  1. Dance Like a Pink Flamingo
  2. All Drinks on Me
  3. Flamongous
  4. Twenty Miles an Hour
  5. The Flamingorilla
  6. Flamingo Libre
  7. Piña Colada
  8. Rule the Country
  9. The Way You Earn Your Drinks
  10. Overlords Have Feelings
  11. Bob Venke


John Espen Sagstad (Mr.Seidel) – guitar

Fabian Jiru (Grimdrap Glutenfri Fleskeng) – guitar

Jostein Austvik (Trollmannen) – vocals

Eirik Renton (TrollBANK) – bouzouki, vocals & DJ

Kai Renton (Fjernkontrollet) – synth, accordion

Dag Stiberg (DrekkaDag) – saxophone

Øyvind Erik Strønen Johannesen (Lodd Bolt) – bass, vocals

Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (Kjellkje) – drums, vocals


 Be sure to listen to “Dance Like a Pink Flamingo”
Sherry Thomas

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