Chatting with Alex Sepassi of the NYC Indie Band Silver Relics

Alex Sepassi of Silver Relics

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor


Silver Relics. Photo by Kevin McGann.

Today Rock at Night got to chat with Alex Sepassi of the NYC indie band Silver Relics. The band has an upcoming album and we just recently reviewed the band’s latest single release, “Tails.” Check that story out HERE. Alex has been writing music for years and is influenced by so many different bands, decades and genres. The band’s first album “Generic” was released in May of 2019 and led to a tour of the UK and Ireland that year. The band recently reformed and switched out their line-up as well.

Alex is a prolific songwriter and a master of lyrics. With the power of Alex’s live performances with his band, his chemistry while on stage and the music that is superbly crafted, we here at Rock at Night can’t wait to hear the upcoming album, as yet untitled. During this interview we talked about his background in music, the first studio recording “Generic,” the upcoming album, touring, the creative process, how to name albums and much more. Be sure to check out “Generic” on all streaming platforms and look for Rock at Night’s review of the new album. Click the player to hear our entire conversation.

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