NYC’s Post-Punk Band Gustaf Release Their New Single ‘Book,’ Announce an Upcoming LP and Tour


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Book

Release Date: July 29, 2021


New York City’s artsy, post-punk band has done it again with their latest single release, “Book.” In addition, the band is also announcing their debut, full length studio LP, the magnificently titled “Audio Drag For Ego Slobs,” which will drop October 1st on Toronto’s Royal Mountain Records (Wild Pink, Alvvays, Mac DeMarco). Pre-order the album at the Bandcamp link below. Be sure to  stay tuned for more info on the album’s release and upcoming tour information stateside and in Europe while supporting the Idles and the Pillow Queens.

Rock at Night has covered this post-punk band before and you can check out those stories HERE and HERE. The band is: Lydia Gammill doing vocals, Tine Hill on bass,  Melissa Lucciola on the drums, Vram Kherlopian on guitar and vocals and Tarra Thiessen on vocals and percussion.

‘Book’ is a song about the fallacy and fight of getting ahead vs being a head. It is seeking validation in the wrong places and from the wrong people,” singer Lydia Gammil explains. “The hook, “I got ahead, I got a head” is a fun little taunt that we find either being thrown in our face or coming out our mouth. Everyone gets their moment up on the pedestal and everyone gets their turn falling off of it. Whether it’s up or down, ‘Book’ is about accepting whatever level you’re on.

Rock at Night says:The video shows us a playful romp through the different streets and scenes in an urban landscape while the band sings as they run, pose, ride and play music in the van, etc. The action is rapid and the instrumentation is sparse with guitar and percussion. There is more attention given to the staccato rhythms of spoken word-like lyrics throughout the song. Think B-52s or Violent Femmes. Loved the life force of this tune and the action scenes in the video!





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