Female-Fronted Gustaf from Brooklyn Releases a New Cut “Design” and it Rocks!


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Rock at Night has covered Gustaf before for the release of their song “Mine” last October and this new video and song, “Design” is skillfully crafted and tells a story and was just released today! With visuals to go along with the lyrics of the song one understands “design” and “desire” by rating people and what they can do!

Again, the band worked with producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands, TV On The Radio). The band continues to blend their sound between art-punk and post-punk with this latest release. The buzz they gather is based on their live shows, not from any music released prior to these two songs! You can see a set by this band from back in 2018 on Tampa Sessions, CLICK HERE!


Vocalist Lydia Gammill describes the title: “Although the title of the song is not the refrain (“desire’”, we named the track “Design” because it is a commentary on how our desires and critiques of others are a product of our design.

Gammill continues, “Like in “Mine”, the narrator addresses an invisible critic, arguing that the ills we believe to be unique to ourselves are the result of an oppressive system. However, in the end we’re just shouting at the back of someone’s head as they leave the room.”

Besides Lydia Gammill, the other band members are: Tine Hill on bass,  Melissa Lucciola on the drums, Vram Kherlopian on guitar and vocals and Tarra Thiessen on vocals and percussion.

Mine 7″ is out on Royal Mountain Records on December 4th. It is available for pre-order here.





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