Review of psych rock band HARKNESS’ recent singles


By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne, AU

Review: Harkness’ singles “ID,” “Defibrillator”, and “Lure of the Pollen” – Released Fall 2020

Rock At Night listened to some of the tracks of Harkness’ upcoming album The Occasion.   Harkness sounds pleasingly like a cross between surf tunes (I won’t say Beach Boys, it just dates me) and psychedelic rock, which puts it in the “experimental” genre.  The lyrics reinforce this, seeming like dark poetry at first listen, but then realising its more about reality and possibilities.

Harkness says of “Defibrillator”, “Well, looking all around us today it appears as if the shit is truly hitting the fan. There’s so much inequality, division and pain, so many people seem to be struggling. It’s almost as if the World is having a heart attack right before our eyes. Maybe the whole planet could use a Defibrillator.  I hear it as a statement of hope and love the vocals and instruments.”

“I.D” has such a laid back easy bassline while the lyrics tell of a society identified with what we see and hear and suggests a robotic life. The chorus suggests we do something completely different, like “take a drive through the countryside…”

“Lure of the Pollen” is clearly  a love song, but one with gentle and complex lyrics. The harmonies are superb.

Harkness said about it in a previous interview, ‘The song was born after a chance meeting with a stranger on a bus, email addresses were exchanged and soon after magical moments bloomed. As I was riding my bike to meet her on that first date, a butterfly flew towards me and I instinctively reached out and caught it while still pedaling.  When I finally reached her, and we came together to meet, I released the butterfly between us, as we said ‘hello’. You can guess at how the rest of the day went

Most of the instruments are played by Harkness, the lyrics are written by him, and the album is produced by him as well.  Harkness is truly a one-man-show. How can Harkness be described? Innovative, poetic, experimental and unapologetic in his creativity. Check him out!





Lure of the Pollen


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