Review: Rockabilly legend Robert Gordon’s single ‘I’ve Had Enough’

Robert Gordon & Steve Wariner-"I've Had Enough"

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne-AU

Review: “I’ve Had Enough” by Robert Gordon and featuring country guitarist Steve Wariner-Cleopatra Records

An amazing song!  As I started listening I was instantly transported back to my childhood home with my older brothers listening to Eddie Cochran, Everly Brothers, Duane Eddie, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more.  I knew little of Rockabilly but this song penned by Jerry Reed inspired me to listen to more of their work and then to reach out and listen to other artists in this genre and beyond.

It’s music to dance to as I pack up my house and head out on a six month journey of exploration.  Music to dance to at any time, any place.  Memories of my brothers and their friends, the slick, greased quiffed up hairdo that later evolved into a ‘duck’s ass’, specialist tailored Edwardian-style blazers, drainpipe jeans, buttoned down quiffed up hairdo, large-collared shirts and chunky-soled leather shoes.

It’s incredible to think that Robert Gordon, moved from punk to Rockabilly in the 70’s and revived this style and went on to personify it and is now so very well known.  Even in Melbourne Australia!

I love this quote by producer Danny B. Harvey a celebrated guitarist in his own right; “When suggesting guests to appear on the new Robert Gordon album I was producing, I suggested Steve Wariner knowing it was more a wishful long shot than an actual possibility. But then his management got back to us right away that Steve was very interested and I couldn’t contain my excitement! Steve Wariner is to ‘80s/’90s country guitar picking what Jeff Beck was to ‘60s rock and Eddie Van Halen is to ‘70s rock. Plus, he had 10 #1 country singles as a solo artist! Damn, I’m a lucky man and so is anyone who hears this track – Steve’s the best!”

They make a great team, a great sound and this track features on Robert Gordon’s new Album ‘Rockabilly for Life’  which is well worth buying and playing loud and often!


Robert Gordon – Rockabilly For Life (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl)

Track Listing

  1. Steady With Betty (with James Williamson)
    2. Let’s Go Baby (with Chris Spedding)
    3. Everybody’s Rocking But Me (with Albert Lee)
    4. She Will Come Back (with Linda Gail Lewis)
    5. Try Me (with Paul Shaffer)
    6. I’m Glad My Baby’s Gone Away (with Dale Watson)
    7. Please Give Me Something (with Kathy Valentine)
    8. Black Cadillac (with Clem Burke)
    9. Three Alley Cats (with Dave Alvin)
    10. If You Want It Enough (with Jimmy Hall)
    11. Hot Dog! That Made Her Mad (with Rosie Flores)
    12. One Cup of Coffee (with Joe Louis Walker)
    13. I’ve Had Enough (with Steve Wariner)
    14. Would Ja (with Emanuela Hutter)
    15. Knock Three Times (with Steve Cropper)







Kevin Bergin

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK