Melbourne’s April Sun Festival kicks off with G-Flip and more!

April Sun Fest-St. Kilda, Victoria- AU

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night-Melbourne, AU

Review: April Sun Festival–St. Kilda, Victoria, AU-Opening Night–Friday, April 12, 2021

Walking along the prom at St Kilda, I could already hear music. The day was grey and a little chilly. I checked out my cameras as I walked along and around the corner, gazing upon the April Sun sign. There were already folks queuing and plenty of excitement in the air. I queued up to get my pass to go in, chatted with other photographers, and waited for confirmation.  It appeared that today, there is much better organisation than in the festivals in the 60’s and 70’s. But, did we care? Nope, we were there for the music, the fun, and the freedom that comes from festivals–whether there are a few hundred of us or over a million. I had a feeling of excitement with April Sun and there was a feeling of connection from the start.

Thomas Headon

I wandered around with everyone else as we waited for Thomas Headon. He was well worth the wait. It was still light as he started and I was not sure..but the energy, the great band and the sheer stamina in his performance quickly won me over. He did more than entertain and got us ready for the other bands. Everyone danced and joined in as he connected with the audience, reached out, and encouraged participation, making it a communal event.


Next up, Sycco AKA Sasha McLeod hit the stage.  Being the first night, there were a few tech problems, but the band started playing while it was all sorted. Sycco launched into songs that where clearly well-known as most of the crowd sang along. The lead guitarist was superb as were the whole band. Sycco took time to thank the crowd for coming and let us all know how good it was to be in Melbourne.

Touch Sensitive

After Sycco left the stage, I wondered what was going on as a huge steel desk that was wheeled onto the stage between acts. Touch Sensitive aka Michael DiFrancesco emerged skipping along and slapping his bass. We were treated to a smorgasbord of house tunes from his DJ Desk with no stopping, no gaps. By now it was completely dark and the lights were amazing, they go well with his style. I was taking pics and of course not dancing but nevertheless, I felt as though I had been watching Touch Sensitive and the crowd dance through the set.


Lastly, after a bit of a wait while we all ate, chatted and had a drink, out came G-Flip‘s amazing band and cranked it right up for us all. In the middle of this G-Flip aka Georgia Flipo pounced onto the drums with such energy I was surprised they didn’t collapse. After very few pauses or slowing down, we were treated to the most amazing performance. I first saw G-Flip a while ago and she had only a modest following at that time. This time the crowd swelled sang along and hung on every word as G-Flip worked the huge stage effortlessly.

What an amazing night and a great start to the April Sun Festival 2021. I will be at the next gig on Thursday 5:30pm @ St. Kilda Triangle. See you there or share it with you right here.

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