In the Light of Zeppelin ‘make it loud’ in Palm Beach Gardens

In the Light

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville

Venue: Kelsey Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

In the Light

In the Light of Zeppelin kicked off their Spring tour in 2020 at the beloved Kelsey Theatre in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, by blowing away their fans with their opener, “In the Evening”.  By the way, if you haven’t had an opportunity to make it out to this gem of a venue, I am officially shaming you. This theatre is host to some of the most unique acts you’ll ever get to see and the folks who own and run it, Jo Brockman and her son AJ are some of the best people in the business. When I caught up with In the Light’s bassist, Autumn Martini, I asked her why they chose this Deep Cut classic to start off a show.

“It showcases the musical talent of everyone in the band! Everyone’s on stage performing at the top of their skill level, Randi (violin), Linda (keyboards) and Paige (drums) blending with Scott’s vocals and Antonio’s guitar. We all have to be in synch both mentally and musically for this piece to work. It also helps us all to gel together and sets the tone for the rest of the show,” Martini explained.

In the Light

It is a curious thing to me that Ms. Martini left herself out of the above statement because as Bassist for the band she is absolutely essential to their sound and vision. As the first woman to be brought on board just under six years ago, she had to endure the gauntlet of die hards who simply rejected the idea of a woman playing the part of John Paul Jones. While that’s a subject for a future article, it’s important to point out that the band’s leader Antonio Bolet cared more about talent than about gender. His vision was to create a unique sound inspired by the No Quarter Tour of the 90’s.

Antonio wanted to push the envelope of the typical tribute band and collaborate with musicians who were classically trained and could write brand new arrangements of the classic Page/Plant songs. You won’t see a bunch of look-alikes on stage playing songs that sound like the album. Zep fans have choices and there is a lot to chose from. That’s why In the Light blows them away again and again with songs that integrate a variety of other instruments that expand on the tracks we all grew up with.

In the Light

This ever evolving band has a busy season ahead with a set list that changes nightly. The reason for this is that they have a following and fans will catch multiple shows!

Bolet noted, “Sometimes fans will travel to see us from town to town. For instance, they saw us in Florida the week before and now they’re in New York and bringing their friends… they get a different experience!”

For a tribute band to have such a devoted following is really saying something. This gender bending group never disappoints as it delivers their unique sound and showmanship without faltering.

You can catch In the Light this Spring as well as their spin off project O’Rosie’s. Also, coming up in the Summer of 2020 is their collaboration with the Treasure Coast Youth Orchestra. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The String Assassins

Opening up for a second year in a row for In the Light were fan favorites The String Assassins. Catch this quintet shredding their instruments year round! Scroll down for more information.

Check out tour dates and recording sessions for In the Light of Led Zeppelin below:


In the Light of Led Zeppelin is:

Antonio Bolet – Lead Guitar

Autumn Martini – Bass

Linda Kiley – Keyboard/Vocals

Randi Fishenfeld – Violin

Scott Board – Lead Vocals

Paige the Rage Cantrill – Drums






The String Assassins are:

‘Mangrove’ Mark Shubert – Guitar/Vocals

Matt Gill- Guitar/Banjo/Vocals

‘Dr. Jay’ Kuchera – Guitar

Dennis Slasher- Bass

Paddy King- Fiddle/Mandolin/Cello/Bass





Anna Marie Bolet