Hagersville Rocks Music Festival 2019 brings classics–and more!

Meghan Patrick

By Carey Langsner, Rock At Night Ontario

Venue: Hagersville Rocks Music Festival-Grant Kett Park, Ontario-July 26-27, 2019

The Redhill Valleys

The 2019 Hagersville Rocks Music Festival hosted in Grant Kett Park, a former rock quarry, was a great success, featuring 10 fantastic Canadian artists. The festival is organized and run entirely by volunteers with all monies raised going to West Haldimand General Hospital.

Around 700 fans attended Friday’s concert to see local bands, Logan Staats, The Redhill Valleys, Terra Lightfoot and the headliner a Canadian Icon Jim Cuddy.

Terra Lightfoot

Saturday’s attendance was far greater with around 2000 fans there to see six Canadian bands ranging from soon to be well known performers who are multi award winners. Starting off the show was Mackenzie Leigh Meyer followed by Brad Battle, Genevieve Fisher, Buck Twenty, The Recklaws, and headliner Meghan Patrick.

Meghan Patrick

The only negative during the weekend, which has been posted and gained some infamy online, happened after a person in the crowd shouted at Saturday’s headliner Meghan Patrick to flash the crowd during her set, saying, “Show me your t–s!” Meghan quickly stopped the concert and asked for the lights to be put on the crowd, and demanded that whoever said it own up to it. He was quickly pointed out, so she told him: “This is not a hobby. This is my livelihood, my heart, and soul I have worked too hard to get where I am….Get the f-k out. To have something that means so much to me be degraded like that, get the f-k out now”.

That incident aside, the crowd was really enthusiastic and appreciative of all the great talent they were treated to over the weekend. This festival continues to grow larger and be a local favorite year after year. We look forward to attending again next year.


Carey Langsner