2019, the year of Dan Sheehan

New York-based, globe hopping rocker, songwriter and activist Dan Sheehan has been expanding his horizons musically, lyrically and geographically with his 2019 concept album Tales From Earth Incorporated. For those new to Sheehan, his accolades include gracing the airwaves of hundreds of radio stations around the world, earning two awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), performing live and on recordings with members of the Doors, Yes, Morrissey and Pearl Jam, and opening for international acts such as Courtney Love and the Meat Puppets. 

His first band, Banter, toured the Northeast United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s, releasing the EP Side One and the album Urban Pastures.  In 2008 he released The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy, a collaboration with Morrissey drummer Spencer Cobrin.  Conspiracy garnered airplay on over 200 radio stations in the U.S. and brought Sheehan around his home country, performing solo and with a full band across North America.   The 2013 follow-up, Are You Conspirienced? took Sheehan’s music further around the world with airplay in the UK, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia, as well as his first tour of the UK and his second home country of Ireland. 

Sheehan’s current release, Tales From Earth Incorporated is a concept album about economic and environmental justice, telling the stories of people around the world affected by the devastating forces of greed, performed by an ensemble consisting of rock band plus horns, strings, and instruments from South America, Asia, and Africa.  Joining Sheehan for the recording are Pearl Jam/Candlebox drummer Dave Krusen and Yes/Moody Blues keyboardist Patrick Moraz.  


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