Broken Hands release new video, “Mess”

Along with a hot new album, Split In Two, Broken Hands have released a live video of album track “Mess”, recently filmed as part of an exclusive full album performance for fans.


“I really didn’t think we’d play another show this year, admittedly we had no audience in person but the pressure, adrenaline and energy was still just as satisfying for us.” comments singer Dale Norton.

The video was filmed in The Arden Theatre in Faversham,  all proceeds from the ticket sales were donated to #Saveourvenues and NITO Live in a bid to keep independent venues running.

“I don’t think we’ll ever play the album in its entirety again, so it’s great for us and anyone who follows us to be able to watch it back whenever they want! The Theatre is in our hometown and they alongside a lot of venues are struggling to stay afloat at present, hopefully the money raised will help the cause.” Norton adds.

“We collaborated with ‘Dogbrain Video’ Productions for this. They’ve been behind some of our music videos in the past but never anything live. We had a few other friends help out to a band called ‘Soft Wax’ and Rob Hardstone (Lighting) also made this possible. It was a great day, It felt a little like our ‘Live in Pompeii’ by Pink Floyd which is one of our all-time favourites things to watch as a band.”   

Split In Two features the recent single “Run Away”, which is an indie anthem with pop sensibilities taking influence from the era of brit rock heroes such The Verve and follows the previously shared guitar fueled “For The Night”, which is a heartfelt ballad of stadium-sized proportions demonstrating a different side to the acclaimed Kent rock band.

The band’s live dynamics and sonic blend of rock, indie and Americana-esque moments has been captured throughout Split In Two and are evident in the album opener “Can You Feel It”, which introduces the new record with a slick grungy groove and swagger, while the singles “Friends House” and “Wrong Track” offer a further taste of the dramatic fuzzy anthems and razor-sharp lyricism to be found on the album.

Split In Two has been produced by Julian Emery (Nothing But Thieves, Lissie) and mixed by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Ghost) and is out now via SO Recordings.

It was inspired by the band’s successful yet grueling life on the road, particularly in the US, which has seen them play arenas across North America, but also the challenges the band has faced within the industry.

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