Léon’s new album: ‘To Say I Loved This Album Is To Be Understated’

By Lloyd Wakeling, Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review:  Léon-Release date April 5, 2019

Sometimes an album comes along that makes you sit up and take notice and Léon’s new self titled offering is one of those. Regrettably, like everything else in the music industry, there will be those who will be comparing the style and substance to some albums and artists of the past, but in all of its essence, this body of work bares its soul and its sleeve.

Lyrically framed, each song creates an emotional web that catches you in its story and without apology those stories mirror any life lived. Joy, pain and longing share their voice with us and it would be remiss, if not rude, not to listen. Every line, nay word, appears here for a reason and dances, literally, over the heart. It is often said, especially these days, that out there in the ether, modern music has no soul and is fodder for the masses and in saying that, I can’t disagree with a lot of it, but within this new Léon album are songs that climb out of that hole, arms aloft, raised in celebration dispelling that myth.

To say I loved this album is to be understated. It is remarkable as it is diverse,  and seasoned with everything that is wonderful in music, I know it will be something I will be listening to for years to come because it spoke to me and I listened.

The album tracklisting is:


  1. ‘Lost Time’
  2. ‘Falling’
  3. ‘Hope Is A Heartache’
  4. ‘Come Home To Me’
  5. ‘Baby Don’t Talk’
  6. ‘Better In The Dark’
  7. ‘Cruel To Care (Voice Memo)’
  8. ‘Pink’
  9. ‘What You Said’
  10. ‘You And I’

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Lloyd Wakeling

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