“Your Satisfaction Is Fake” new single and video from Boston band No/Hugs

Fresh off releasing their new single “Your Satisfaction Is Fake”, on the final round of  the Vans Warped Tour, No/Hugs continues to make their mark in the music scene. Transitioning into a more alternative pop/punk sound and not willing to back down from hard conversations, No/Hugs makes it a point to continue discussing issues within our society. The new single,“Your Satisfaction Is Fake”, touches upon issues such as depression and suicide with a much-needed focus on the LGBTQIA community. Alongside their single comes a dynamic video that follows the story line of two transgender teenagers on the verge of breaking down because they live in a society that won’t accept them. In order to keep surviving, people use masks to conform and hide their true identity.

“Your Satisfaction Is Fake” is an outcry for the need of emotional freedom and individuality as well as a prompt for the viewers to unmask themselves by welcoming vulnerability and openly communicating their emotional discontentment. Warped Tour veteran and ex Trophy Wives guitarist Chris Piquette contributed to the mixing/mastering and recording of the song at No Boundaries Studios.


A mix of polished alternative rock and pop/punk makes Boston’s No/Hugs one of the most unique bands to catch. The members consist of Narcissus A-Ngel on vocals and Kat Dukeshire on drums.

Prepping for a year full of touring, they hit the road in September for the first leg of their East Coast tour. Live, the band is absolute madness, high energy with a bold performance. No/Hugs are currently in the studio writing their first full length album.

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