American Supermodel strikes a post-Riot pose at Stageworks!


By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Stageworks, Tampa, FL, July 28, 2018

American Supermodel hosted a double CD release party with their friends Four Star Riot (4SR article is here.), releasing the six-song EP All Young Hearts (clicking on the link takes you to a Youtube video of “Ordinary Day.” the first track on the album.) I’ve already talked enough about the venue here, so I’ll just mention it was a great change of pace from the usual concert venues, either bars with decent sized stages or outdoor festivals, which here in Florida tend to be sweatfests ten-eleven months of the year!

The band consists of Bryan Hess – Vocals, Guitar; Steve Marotta – Guitar, Vocals; Jim Stevens – Bass, Vocals; and Shane Cohn – Drums, Vocals. They describe themselves as “Rock N Roll, Alternative Power Pop, Big Radio,” and I’d agree to that! As a band, they’re young; the band only formed January 1, 2016, which puts them at 2 years and seven months – a toddler! Don’t let that fool you though, the band members have been friends for years and played with many other incarnations before deciding to put their own musical vision together. You can listen to most of their music on MySpace (!) which is an unusual choice these days, but then, searching for “American Supermodel” on Google brings many intriguing results. (“American Supermodels in bikinis” is one, who would think so many people want to see them in bikinis?)

How’s this for a list of influences? The Beatles, Rolling Stones, INXS, Cheap Trick, U2, The Cult, Duran Duran, Stereophonics, The Cars, Danko Jones, Billy Squier, D.A.D, Def Leppard, Faith No More, Joan Jett, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Police, Tears For Fears, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen, Sponge, David Bowie, and The Cure. Classics, independents, new music, most rock-related genres represented. And you can hear it in their music! (A review of All Young Hearts will be posted soon. Follow them on Facebook, tweet along on Twitter, sign up on their website, and enjoy!


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