Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival 2018 showcases both local and international talent

Stacy Kay

By Carey Langsner, Rock At Night Ontario

Venue: Burlington Sound of Music 2018

See Spot Run

As Father’s Day comes to an end, so does the 2018 Burlington Sound of Music Festival.  After nine days of events that consisted of two Kick-Off concerts, a club series of concerts, a midway, more food than you could eat and a free music festival, all that remains is the clean up.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Sound of Music Festival has been a staple on Burlington’s waterfront on Father’s Day weekend since 1980.  Starting as a four day festival, it has now grown to a nine day festival that attracts over 235,000 visitors to the city.  The festival starts off with a couple of ticketed kick-off concerts before the free concerts in the park and at some of the local bars throughout the week start; in total, there are over 130 acts on 10 stages.  This entire festival is organized and run by a totally volunteer committee that start the planning of the next year’s festival as soon as this year’s festival ends.  They are responsible for the 800 plus volunteers at the actual festival.

This year, the festival featured local musicians as well as Canadian bands like The Heels, See Spot Run and Scott Helman.  Some of the bigger names on the main stages were: Stacy Kay [from the final round of season 10 of America`s Got Talent],  The Pursuit of Happiness, Matthew Good and The Kongos from South Africa.

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