Felix Hagan & The Family crash the Borderline London

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Venue: Borderline, London–November 26, 2017–Felix Hagan & The Family

Felix Hagan and The Family, a theatre-flavoured rock and roll band dropped onto the small stage of London’s Borderline and rocked the audience to the very top. They describe themselves as a seven-piece explosion of new-glam, high camp pop, punk and classic rock band.

These people literally exploded onto the stage and would not stop until the very end. The frontman was on barefoot, and everyone had a shiny decoration on their heads. The band looked strange, unusua,l but very sexy. Everyone was highly elevated on the stage, and it seemed like they came from an unknown planet of the universe, where accelerated happiness is the default. Well, that mood stuck song by song for the audience, while at the end everyone moved as a one. We were all flying!

The Borderline stage just seemed not big enough for this energetic and lively band. It did not feel as a live concert, but more like a party where everyone was involved. Man, what a Sunday–haha! But next time, please, please a much bigger stage for these crazy people! Come back tomorrow!

While going home from the gig, I was thinking I should definitely call this band to my next birthday party ( if I could afford it). Well, they definitely would be on top of the list!

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Andras Paul