The Bad Flowers and The PictureBooks fire up London’s The Lexington with raw energy

Bad Flowers.Photo by Andras Paul.

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Venue: The Lexington, London- 16th Oct 2017

Bad Flowers

This Monday two big gun bands fired up London’s The Lexington as the evening fell, and eager patrons were hoping to get into the venue. The queue at the ticket box was still too long right before the gig just started.  This meant good vibes and an enthusiastic crowd were on the night’s horizon.

The Bad Flowers formed from the depths of Black Country in 2014.  Fronting the band is lead vocalist and guitarist, Tom Leighton, whose signature riffs, fuzz emotive guitar and pure vocals have a distinctive sound like nobody else. Bassist Dale Tonks provides a deep heavy groove and tasty bass runs that underpins Karl Selickis’ chest pumping drums and impeccable rhythmic feel.

This was my first time seeing the band “live” and also discovered the band, The Picturebooks, who filled the pub with a load of loyal and international fans. As soon as The Bad Flowers stepped on the stage some heavy Rock’n’Roll thundered to the audience–and this went on  for the next thirty minutes or so. Towards the end some were worried if there would be any space left for the next band.  It is really sad that my camera did not property show you how storming they were, thanks to the poor lighting. From a photography standpoint, darkness and colored lights are a real challenge!

The Picture Books

The PictureBooks guys came on next and quickly pieced together the remaining parts of the stage, with much care and spot on skills, they struck up some heaven-shaking blues rock. I really enjoyed the sound of the self-made percussion instruments skillfully arranged on the stage. If you know The PictureBooks, you must know Philipp Mirtschink, who does a brilliant job of making use of unusual instruments, which really pays off.  Immediately grabbing the listener right by the ear was Fynn Claus Grabke’s guitar solos, which totally completed the sound. Not to say that Flynn, who has also a great skills in entertaining the audience with his street smart jokes and heartwarming stories, while Philipp just puts down the bat for two secs. They have seen the latest Blade Runner,  oh yes, and the are definitely my kind of people.  They easily made the audience love them.

With the band on their international Home Is A Heartache Tour, these sweet guys from Germany stopped by London to say “hi” and I am sure I wasn’t the only one to be thankful for that!

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