Hero Fisher brings their ethereal music to Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Hero Fisher

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Venue: Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen –October 17, 2017

Hero Fisher

The first time I saw Hero Fisher was around a week ago at The Finsbury Pub where I immediately felt I was left out from something. Now, I am here to see her again at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen–yeah!

An eerie phenomenon with a diva voice leaves one with a  big vacuum after every finished show. She is completely in control with the strength of her voice, moving around and away from the mic, playing with the effect in an assorted disciplined manner. It feels like you see the notes leaving her mouth in a spine-chillingly way, while driving you into her world.

The performance may be described as special contemplative music pointedly released in the rough world of pub live sessions. Followed masterfully by Saul Wodak’s guitar fluently aligning with the vocals, the alignment is almost indiscernible. This was first time the duo added pedal steel player Adam Chetwood, who’s blending added extra refinement to the sound.

During the show I realised I did not put on my earplug, which is what I usually do, if not the usually loud sometimes hastily arranged music reminds me to do so. The harmony of instruments seemed to be well balanced, only highlighting Hero’s brilliant singing.

Thank you for this one.

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Check Hero Fisher’s debut album “Delivery” which is out back in 2015.

Here some new tracks from her soon to come LP.







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