Wilko Johnson celebrates his 70th birthday at Royal Albert Hall with an unforgettable performance!

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue:Royal Albert Hall, London–September 26, 2017

Just because someone has many years behind them does not mean he should be called “old”. That perfectly fits this awesome guitar magician Wilko Johnson, who is by all means not an old man! The way he moves on the stage, the vibrance, and energy he emits comes down to just one word–indescribable.

Essex born charismatic rhythm and blues maestro Wilko Johnson celebrated his 70th birthday at The Royal Albert Hall, which was also his 30th anniversary of the appearance of Wilko Johnson Band on the musical stage.

Doing that special funny Wilko movement on stage, forward and backwards while pointing and shooting his guitar at the audience, is always a good fun to watch. Spry and brisk on stage with his partners in crime Norman Watt-Roy, bass virtuoso, and Dylan Howe hitting the drums, Wilco took the burning stage apart in front of the already spiced up audience.

The Wilko Johnson Band

A moving performance, indeed, with a certain fleet-footed performance,  is not an everyday vision–and cannot be faithfully captured in a still photograph. You gotta’ be there to see that!  Those well known old hand moves which give that distinctive chopping guitar style of his own make the show one of the most memorable.

After two encores, the fans just could not let him leave–and it seems he did not want to leave as well. On the last song, the fans went ahead tapping with their arms on the stage, to celebrate his presence, demanding another encore. All followed, of course, with a standing ovation.

Thank you, Mr. Johnson. It was a worthy way to celebrate!

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