Erja Lyytinen plays blues with a sweet yet spicy rock ‘n’ roll attitude at The Borderline

Erja Lyytinen

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Borderline, London– September 25, 2017

Erja Lyytinen

Tonight The Borderline presented Finnish blues singer-guitarist Erja Lyytinen and her fabulous band. Ending her UK tour stopping by London, before her last performance in Bristol, and returning to her homeland Finland where she will be busy on tour up until Christmas time. 

I can tell you the venue was burning as soon she stepped on the stage and did not stop until the end. Immediately arousing the audience with her bursting guitar solos she owns the stage. The connection between band members is exceptional and well played out. The band is one cool instrument in Erja’s tiny hand. She is definitely a must for blues lovers!  

Despite being so young, she handles blues very well, soulfully, and with much love and passion. Blues looks good for her and vice versa–and she takes charge on doing a lively upbeat show. She is definitely talented, her love of life hits through her musical performance playing blues with an honest, gentle, sweet rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Sometimes she peppers her conversation with snippy humor mixed with an inner deeper kindness.  

“Hope you are enjoying yourselves, cause I do,” Erja said. I can believe that. Erja Lyytinen is a kickass blues artist with a radiating energy around her on the stage while the audience is feeling moved by her. Well done, Erja and the Band! Can’t wait to see you next time! 

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Andras Paul