Night Ranger’s ‘Don’t Let Up’ tour takes Florida!

By Steven Neff, Rock At Night Orlando Correspondent

Night Ranger continues their rock legacy, now at 35 years [later this year] and counting; with a new album and supporting tour. Don’t Let Up is the band’s twelfth studio album and judging by their live show in Englewood, Florida recently, the name of the new album would appear to indicate the band’s plans for the future. When you’re still as good as you were over three decades ago, why retire?

Reviews of the new album are saying the same thing and fans are giving Don’t Let Up their rock seal of approval.

I was part of that 35 year era; I heard the songs, cranked up the radio, and out came the air guitar [at red lights of course]. I was there. My high school years were filled with memorable rock ballads and guitar solos that defined the time and are still to this day incorporated into the modern rock studio offerings. Without question, Night Ranger was a part of my staple diet of rock. These band of brothers became a part of our record and tape collection family, which we listened to with friends or when nobody else was around. And when nobody else was around, that music could obliterate a bad day as soon as the radio, tape, or record player came on. Nice.

And here we are in 2017 and still talking about Night Ranger.  They’re still making music, still touring, and still getting us to listen. Rock At Night magazine covered Night Ranger for their show in Englewood, Florida and witnessed firsthand that this band still has a lot to say. Their skills as musicians continue to impress and we weren’t disappointed. My only problem was remembering that it wasn’t the 80’s anymore and I was a grown up and life would begin again once the music stopped. But as I was able to just forget about life for a while, I realized that this is what I did 35 years ago and Night Ranger was just bringing me full circle.

Night Ranger would bring everyone in Englewood full circle that evening with a fifteen song setlist that served as a reminder that Night Ranger isn’t back, they just never left.

For those of you who sadly missed Night Ranger’s stops in Florida, they’ll be returning Saturday May 6, 2017 for the epic festival by the sea in West Palm Beach known as Sunfest.

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Kelly Keagy

Brad Gillis

Jack Blades

Eric Levy

Keri Kelli



  1. When You Close Your Eyes
  2. Four in the Morning
  3. Sing Me Away
  4. Coming of Age
  5. Let Him Run
  6. The Secret of My Success
  7. Forever All Over Again
  8. Sentimental Street
  9. High Road
  10. The Boys of Summer
  11. Goodbye
  12. High Enough
  13. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
  14. Sister Christian
  15. (You Can Still) Rock in America



Special thanks go to Jon Freeman, management extraordinaire, for making our Night Ranger coverage possible. Without you, we would not be able to bring the music of great bands like Night Ranger to the fans. I appreciate it.


To the staff at Englewood Event Center, you guys and gals were fantastic in getting me where I needed to go and I wouldn’t have gotten there without you. Thank you.


And finally, to Night Ranger; for all the times I turned on the radio or tape player and for all the years you’ve stayed around, I am grateful

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Steven Neff

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