The Sly Persuaders and Saint Agnes rock Nambucca with a vengeance

Sly Persuaders

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Nambucca, London–February 24, 2017

Sly Persuaders

The 24th of February at Nambucca, Holloway was a big night for Sly Persuaders as they were releasing their much waited debut album.  A mix of musicians and fans of all sorts waited in anticipation to see the bands.

Saint Agnes, who played right before them, performed a highly energetic set. I wondered, “Who else could match this after hearing Saint Agnes?”  Well, the answer is Sly Persuaders! What more could a band ask for than having Kitty Arabella, one of their biggest fans and  lead singer of Saint Agnes,  wearing a leather jacket stylishly lettered Steve Ha Mcqueen a title from the Sly Persuaders’s debut album. Hey, it’s not about who was the better, it never has been. It’s more about the massive and thick menu on the stage.

Bridport Dagger opened the night with their cowboy style, energetic guitar solos and drum spins, and intensely performed lyrics. Hey, the lead guitarist may have been a samurai in his “before life” as he twirled his tool like a fighter in a wide beam around. And he fell, and started over. I loved that.

Saint Agnes

Then, Saint Agnes rocked the night forward leaving Nambucca’s walls kicked apart and perfectly preparing the stage for the celebrated!

Then came the tall quick rock ‘n’ roll cowboy, the sunglasse instru-mentalist, the mad drummer, and the unworldly bass followed by smoke, lots of smoke and some cool frame of mind. The lights just changed to the more dramatic & gothic style and the loops started along with the very distinctive drums and voice that would turn Elvis’ head. These guys have a strong presence.

Bridport Dagger

Some tunes were familiar from previous gigs, now in a bouquet among you could hear “Wild For The Night” one of my favs from this band, or the previously mentioned “Steve McQueen”. Love the drums, the rhythm and the guitar and that voice.

Sly Persuaders just brought together a great gig there let me tell you that. The crowd was only pogoing, at my back boing boing and criiiick. Randomly, somehow I got a half pint on my head & neck and my camera got some too just to wake me up cause I was enjoying the gig instead doing the shots. Pity if you were not there to see them. I am sure they’re soon to erupt “the most famous unknown band” position.

“Watch & Learn” closed the official night. Word after word you seriously need to check out this album on bandcamp. Claps!


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Andras Paul