Moses headlines at Koko with a frenetic energy-filled show

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: KOKO, London-December 23, 2016

The appeal of London’s KOKO mainly lies on its solemnly ornamented spectacular inner design. The former theater is now a famous live music/club venue with a feel of magic and magnetism.  It often gives space to up and coming bands like Moses, which now is closing the end of the year there.

Moses, a four-piece Britpop rock ‘n’ roll band from London has been featured before in RAN–but not in vain! Moses made a name for themselves since its founding in 2015 and now they are amongst the chosen one who are going to play next year at Camden Rocks Festival.

Bursting with the song “Low”,  fierce energy emerged from the stage. Then came an indispensable improvisation when the band seemed to be going mad – like all great bands do – moving around firing up the impassioned fans. It’s just great they seemed comfortable on the big stage,  like they were used to it.  Singer / frontman ran around the stage, here and there, jumping up and climbing down from stage to connect with the audience, then up, and up and jumping, higher and higher. He actually spent most of his stage time mainly up in the air! Yeah, they are happy cause they are headlining for the first time and their name was the venue’s pulling power tonight. This couldn’t be a better Christmas present for a band that had such a rockin’ gig marathon this year.

And we saw some brilliant guitar work followed by joyful running around on stage, here and there among tangled cables, but they owned that big stage, no doubt!

Moses could have played an encore thanks to the applauding audience calling “One more song!” but did not have the stage time. What a pity! The singer came back on stage letting audience know about this, saying “Sorry, guys but that’s all for tonight!” Sorry? What a gig!

Just saying these guys were born to be on the big big stage!

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