Cabezudos at Nambucca: a great surprise for the end of the year


By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Nambucca, London–December 19, 2016

Nambucca is a nice live music venue on the upper side of London’s well known Holloway Road with a big stage and enough room to accept a substantial amount of those who want to have fun the night coming. Definitely a great place for the Cabezudos, a Liverpool based rock band – the first time they have performed in London – to easily win new fans along their rockin’ way.

Being the main attraction the night was filled with hot expectations and I really have to say they testified there with enormous presence. As being Monday the start of the week also not being known by Londoners too much yet, the all around ripping set it appeared to play in front of a slight audience, which surely will change in the future in no time.

Cabezudos in Spanish means “Big Heads” I’d translate “Big Guys” you can now imagine how with their eccentric singer/frontman performing a freaking show – which is enriched visually as well – they can easily win the audience.

My fav was ‘Foxy Lady’, maybe that sounded familiar to me since I knew it from Hendrix, but what can you expect from a band who claims of being mainly influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath. I also found “Foolish” to be catchy, and I listened to it several times on their Bandcamp page.  I would also describe the band as “friendly people and quite humble”. After the gig we started mingling and they invited me to Liverpool just for a start. Closing with the powerful “Could You Be Wrong?” as the show peaked, leaving their mark on the London music scene.

On their Facebook page they simply put “Coming To Conquer” . With a great manager like Ade Riches who previously managed the now succesful Broken Witt Rebels, I think they’re just on the right way up.




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Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay being the show opener as a single guitarist, also despite her young age being a multi award winnig singer/ songwriter from London gives the audience a warm welcome to the night show. Hoping to see her amazing performance soon!



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James King and the Regals

The last act for the night ‘James King and the Regals’ don’t let the audience easily go, playing indie commercial rock music with freakin’ energy . Bursting with extensive vitality song after song these guys really put in their soul in every tune shouted. Well done!



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Andras Paul