UK band Stealth releases new single in Stoke Newington, London

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Stealth @ The Waiting Room – Stoke Newington–November 22, 2016

The Waiting Room previously known as The Drop is a forward thinking live music venue at the other end of Stoke Newington Church Street, in the heart of Stoke Newington, Greater London. “Stokey” as the locals call it, is a readable culture island in North London, not far form my place which i often willingly visit for its festivals, bookshops, pubs, and good vibe at least.  All in all, it can be a great place to get started while seeking some worthy time out.

Acclaimed soulful singer Stealth perfectly fit here with his “Judgement Day” hit winning up well over 4, 5 million plays across Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music (from which 2,2 plays only on Youtube). The hit was spawned from Stealth’s debut EP Intro, which was released earlier in the year. Displaying his latest hit “Real Life” for the public, he found a warm place to celebrate with the fans.

Me, being fortunate to be there on the soundcheck few hours before the gig started, hearing him first time live was a punchy experience. Walking down the stairs, arriving in the middle of a song the profound tone of his voice was really eargrabbing. I was sure I arrived to the right place that day.  Stealth’s music may be described as “infectious and hard-hitting bluesy riffs with a pounding rhythm and gripping tones.”

The tone just seemed to be refined as soon the gig started and it went on until the end for a very grateful audience. Time seemed to pass by quickly and I am sure I was not the only one to be surprised when the last song was announced. Time well spent. Well, thank you for that!

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Judgement Day


Real Life


Andras Paul