Canadian rock band Attica Riots: musically and energetically impressive!

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Rock At Night Philadelphia Correspondent

 Venue: The Foundry, Philadelphia–May 19, 2016

_ Attica 184A5679 bWhen it comes to rock and roll Canada has been brewing up some fabulous talent. One of those talented Canadian powerhouses is a band from Winnipeg called, Attica Riots.  They amazed  Philadelphia with their infectious sound and mesmerizing stage presence at The Foundry on May 19th.

Attica Riots knows how to put on a great performance. Singer Bobby Desjarlais is, yes, sexy and talented. His moves and his vocal talent are everything a frontman should be–and more! Guitarist Kyle Erickson is pure adrenaline with his powerful guitar riffs and wow, he gives some major classic rock  and roll jumps. The energy of drummer Anders Erickson drove a lot of the songs and he did it with his own unique style which is what makes a great drummer stand out from the rest. Simply put, these guys are pure rock stars. Every member contributes to make this band as phenomenal as they are.

A crowd favorite was the song “Misery”, the single debut from their upcoming album Love, Sunshine, and Hysteria, which was produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons). “Misery” is a song about being happy about being  in misery. It’s a genius song, since we’ve all faced misery at some point so why not celebrate “sweet misery” as the song suggests. If you get a chance, make sure to check out the video for this song (see below photo gallery) because who does not like an 80’s vibe video with some cute musicians surrounded by neon lights and some hot girls jumping around on a popular 80s fad, pogo balls. My favorite song of the night was “Love, Sunshine, and Hysteria”. The song is insatiably catchy and its one of those satisfying feel good songs.

I always love to see a band that I know not much about and end up loving everything about them after the show. Attica Riots impressed me, a lot! If you have not heard Attica Riots make sure to check them out live.  I do have one warning however, be careful because Attica Riots is contagious and they will leave you wanting more.

Set List  

No Hands

Simply Not Good Enough


No Mistake

I’m Not The Only One

Give It To Me

Take Some Leave Some

Give It Up

Love, Sunshine, and Hysteria

Photo Gallery



Attica Riots Tour Poster



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  1. I know this band well; being Canadian. Glad to see they’re appreciated south of the border as well!

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