Sunshine Gun Club’s ‘Heaven’ is loud in your face with no apologies

By Christi Lain-Vest-Rock At Night Houston Correspondent

REVIEW: Sunshine Gun Club –Debut Full-Length Heaven–release date May 6, 2016

Loud and in your face with no apologies. Heaven offers up non-stop punk adrenaline mixed with a little alien humor.

Sunshine Gun Club Album CoverSelf described as “skuzzy, melodic punk rock from Brooklyn NYC”, Sunshine Gun Club’s debut full length album Heaven is scheduled to be released on May 6th.

With 8 tracks, Heaven is sure to leave you gasping for breath because it’s almost impossible to listen to it without jumping around, kicking things and basically letting your inner punk come out. Centerfold is driving and fast paced–reminded me a bit of Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plan Pour Moi – only faster and in English of course. So Alien is a lot of fun with notes from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind with catchy lyrics and a fun tune.

Although it sounded nothing like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lovely and Empty did remind me of them with the bass line and some of the vocals. Another faced-paced song, The Devil – I believe, is all Sunshine Gun Club – it did not remind me of any other song or band. It gave me a sense of what they could do and what they were all about – Taste Like Sick is a great, angry punk with loud driving guitars. Unreal is my favorite – I Love the small keyboard part and the yelling of course it’s the perfect “going out” song! Happy is another fun song – with it’s quirky sounds and vocal effects. Another favorite is Fading Lights with it’s straight out of  American Pie feel – it did remind me a bit of Smashmouth .

I’m really loving the guitar in this song though. Even though some of the songs reminded me of other songs or groups – Sunshine Gun Club definitely knows how to grab your attention with in your face music, guitars and vocals. Heaven wakes you up like an energy drink – from start to finish. I bet their live show is amazing and I hope they make it to Houston soon. I’ll be front and center!

Sunshine Gun Club: Dan Sunshine-vocals, Denis Red Scare (ex Boot Blacks) on bass, Rex Weaver (ex Team Robespierre) on guitar/backing vocals and Will Broussard (Village Psychic) on drum: Hometown-Brookly, New York

VIDEO of “Fading Lights”–the first single


Available Online and Cassette May 6th via Wiener Records






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