Philadelphia welcomes Sawyer Fredericks of ‘The Voice’

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Rock At Night Philadelphia Correspondent

Venue: Union Transfer Station, Philadelphia–December 18, 2015

In all honesty, I have never seen one episode of The Voice but I do know good talent when I hear it. Opening up for local Philly boys, Good Old War, Sawyer Fredericks had the crowd transfixed under his amazing vocal talent. Sawyer, who was the Voice’s Season Eight winner was welcomed by Philadelphia for the first time by an eagerly anxious crowd. His set was intimate. It was only Sawyer taking the stage with his acoustic guitar in front of hundreds of fans.

At only 16 years old, Sawyer Fredericks’s voice is impressive. After hearing him live, I can understand why the judges of The Voice fell under his vocal spell as this talented young man has a definite musical career ahead of him. His music has the ingredients that a lot of music lacks these days–honesty, humbleness, and innocence.

He stood on stage with his signature hat and long golden locks talking about how he wrote his song, “Any of My Trouble” at the age of 14–a very impressive feat for that age. Sawyer was writing songs about true love and transcribing his most intimate feelings into impressive lyrical compositions while most teenagers at his age are too busy hanging out with friends and worried about how to be the coolest kid at school. If you hear his lyrics it will make you appreciate how soulful and wise his music is. Watching his performance made me wish I would’ve had my act together at his age.

If you have not heard Sawyer Fredericks’s music, give him a chance and don’t judge him by his age. This young man has an impressive vocal range, lyrical talent, and soul beyond his years.



Sawyer Fredericks – Philadelphia- “Four Pockets”


“Take It All”



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  1. SAWYER FREDERICKS! !!!! Fantastic singer/songwriter and performer.Amazing young artist !!!!! Great show!

  2. Great article! You described him and his singing perfectly. I got to watch him on periscope that night thanks to another member of #TeamSawyer. Sawyer doesn’t need a band for backup – he is amazing on his own. Can’t wait for the time that someone is opening for him😊💙

  3. Great article! You describe Sawyer and his music perfectly. I got to watch this show on periscope thanks to another member of #TeamSawyer! Sawyer doesn’t need a band – he is amazing on his own!!😊💙

  4. Love and follow Sawyer since The Voice, amazing talent, great human. Thank you for this great article about this exceptional artist.

  5. Great article, “Honesty,Humbleness & Innocence” Exactly why we Love Sawyer Fredericks so much! A true Artest!

  6. Thanks so much for this review. I honestly think this is the best and most acurate article about Sawyer Fredericks that I have read. He is everything you said and more. All I can add, since you basically covered all my thoughts, id to say “Welcome to #TeamSawyer ” anyone who listens to and likes his music becomes an automatic member and with this article you’ve become a true supporter as well. Keep an eye and ear open for more Sawyer. He’s a very gifted and special young man, and EVERYTHING you listed in your review. Thanks again.

  7. I was mesmerized by his voice, I love it! It’s incredible how many different voice ranges he has, blows ones mind! This 16 year old is mature well beyond his years, one just has to listen to his music to know this. He sings with such emotion that as you listen to him sing, you almost begin to feel yourself become a part of the song, it’s hard to explain but
    very real. This young man is going to do very well! He is awesome. If you get a chance to see Sawyer Fredericks do it, you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Sawyer Fredericks is amazing! Singer/Songwriter that is unique and far beyond his 16years. Thank you for a great article!

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