Making History with Rasputina at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Philadelphia Correspondent

Venue: Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia-October 4, 2015

It was 1996 I first heard Rasputina when they were the musical guests on the Regis and Kathie Lee Show promoting their first album, Thanks for the Ether. I was getting ready for my college class when they began to perform their cover of Melanie’s song, “Brand New Key” with cellos on live television. I was instantly mesmerized! I had never seen or heard of a cello rock, Victorian flair band wearing corsets. I was hooked and I had to have some more! After their television appearance I ran to my local record store to pick up their very first CD. The rest is history. Since 1996, their albums have seen heartaches, happiness and sadness in my life as I always ran to their music in search for comfort.

This past Sunday, with a completely packed venue at Johnny Brenda’s, Rasputina brought their unique cello sound and magic to Philadelphia–and, of course, they were looking fashionably Victorian chic. I always found it unfair to give their musical style a category because Rasputina stands alone pioneering their own distinct musical sound. In attendance were veteran fans such as myself, and curious newbies watching their performance in great awe. Rasputina started off the night with the song “1816 the Year Without a Summer”, a song packed with historical references brought to you by the lyrical genius of frontwoman Melora Creager. Accompanying Melora on the cello was Carpella Parvo and adding a refreshing new twist to the Rasputina sound was the beat boxing and piano work of Luis Mojica. The night went on with beautifully composed songs about history, strange events, and legends. They played songs from previous albums as well as songs from their latest CD Unknown. To finish off the night they played the Pink Floyd cover, “Wish You Were Here”. It was a show filled with great atmosphere and beautiful energy as everyone enjoyed the ethereal sounds of Rasputina.




“Wish You Were Here”


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  1. I have seen Rasputina perform several times before. This was, by far, the most intimate setting and interconnected crowd I’ve ever experienced at any show. The music fed the audience and we poured the love back on to them. There was some awesome juju in that room that night. I’m so thankful I got to be there for it.

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