With grimy blues riffs and rock bravado, Eldorado rolls into The Railway

El Dorado

By Craig Carling, Photographer and Glynn Wright, Journalist- Rock At Night Manchester Correspondents

Venue: Railway Venue, Bromley Cross, Bolton–September 16, 2015

Eldorado are a four-piece rock band hailing from Spain. Based in Madrid and having four albums to their name they have pledged their allegiance as a live act to venues around the world. Having also earned prestige support slots in their homeland this current run of shows marks their fourth visit to the UK and also a return to the first venue they played over here in March 2013. They bring with them their trademark sound of a fresh take on a timeless genre–seventies blues-based classic rock. Their albums and live shows dig deep into the era and come up with an uncluttered mix of the power, swagger and, at times, haunting subtlety of the age. With three consecutive gigs under their belts so far this tour a welcome day off yesterday sees them arrive at The Railway relaxed and ready to roar!

Confidently and unapologetically, they kick off with the longest song in their repertoire, ‘Karma Generator’, which slithers around the room with increasing menace as it builds, layer on progressive layer, into a wall of grimy riffing before crashing back into a swirling haze of psychedelia. ‘Mr. Saturn’ follows from their third release and is more direct in its approach allowing vocalist Jesus Trujillo to emerge from behind the keyboards and take centre stage. This is when you get a true sense of the capacity of this band. It’s power and it’s honesty. A driving drum beat and melodic bass structures that serve as a perfect backdrop to guitarist Andres Duende’s pulsing riffs and Jesus’s soaring vocals.

It’s back behind the keys for him next as they launch into ‘Flowers Of Envy’. Like the opener this song bravely displays that they have no fear of taking the tempo away and it’s undulating form, from lilting keyboard lows to screeching guitar highs, drowns you in images of the late 60’s and early 70’s. With writing for the next album well underway it’s time to test one of the new songs on an already appreciative and eager crowd. ‘Plastic Flowers’ is a straight up rocker with a battering beat and keeps the momentum going strong before they launch into ‘Goodbye And Carry On’ from their last album. Passion and power drive this grinding beauty forwards as it laments over ended friendships and lost love. It leads perfectly into the chugging riffs of ‘Mad Woman’ and we’re watching a balls out rock band ply their trade once more. That label is immediately discarded for fan favourite ‘Space Mambo’ with its writhing tones and pulsating beat. Bassist Cesar Sanchez takes centre stage for a while as he displays his ability to not only provide the unheralded backbone of the band but to funk it up a little too. The audience are now reacting as much to the band enjoying it so much as to the show itself. There are smiles all round as they introduce another new offering for the next release. ‘Mother Water’ comes over as a spiritual motto and you can hear the passion and intensity of the message in the vocals and harmonies. It also serves as a vehicle for a solo from drummer Javier Planelles. A perfect reminder of where this band’s roots lie Javier evokes memories of John Bonham’s power and Bill Ward’s jazz and swing. The drum solo is all too often a turn off at gigs but the crowd literally scream their approval at his prowess.

The band is visibly steaming on stage as they launch into their standard cover of ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ which they do fast and furiously but with a fabulously bluesy nod to Ray Charles’ original composition. It’s at some point during all this that you realise you’ve watched Andres play every inch of every string on his guitar but never be flash. Always measured and always effective. It’s then you realise he’s made his instrument sing all night long without any pedals or effects other than his hands. Add to that the unashamed use of cowbell and you’re way, way back in time in an age of towering seventies power. It’s heady and it’s incredible.

Cesar, Andres and Javier now leave the stage to Jesus and his acoustic guitar. First up is a heartfelt and emotional rendition of Love’s ‘Signed D.C.’ before Jesus signals the band’s return with the opening chords to the haunting and beautiful ‘Lady Of The Mountain’. This gets some aficionados in the audience singing along and is a pure delight. Jesus announces what will be their last song of the evening and Andres takes the lead as they launch into what is probably their heaviest number of all. ‘Another Bright Sunday’ is a bruiser of a tune which blasts the room and bounces along until they slow things down and, obviously in no mood to leave the stage so soon, take a guitar fuelled improvised musical journey of epic proportions before cranking back up to finish the tune in a deafening crescendo. Brows wiped and bows taken they leave the stage to loud cheers of appreciation.


Eldorado: Jesus Trujillo – vocals/keyboards Andres Duende – Guitar Cesar Sanchez – Bass Javier Planelles – drums; Hometown–Madrid, Las Palmas, Cádiz-Spain



“Another Bright Sunday”

“Breathe the Night”



Discography: Un Busca de Eldorado (Spanish) Golden (English) /Dorado (Spanish) Anti Gravity Sound Machine (English) / Paranormal Radio (Spanish) Babylonia Haze (English) / Karma Generator (Spanish)





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